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Trading Tips & Investing Strategies: Microsoft's AI Takeover, The World vs America & Ri


馃搱 Welcome to another episode of Market Mondays! In this episode, we dive into the nitty-gritty of the financial markets and explore various topics that will help you make more informed investment decisions. 馃挕

馃敼 Economic Edge: We kick things off by discussing an economic indicator that can give investors an edge in the market. Specifically, we'll talk about the M2 money supply and why it鈥檚 worth keeping an eye on.

馃敼 Deflation Ahead?: Elon Musk recently made waves with his statement 鈥淒eflation is coming.鈥 What exactly is deflation, and is it something that investors should be concerned about in the near future? We weigh in.

馃敼 Underrated or Overrated: We then analyze two tech giants, SoFi and Palantir, and debate whether they鈥檙e underrated or overrated.

馃敼 BRICS Expansion?: 20 countries have recently applied to join the BRICS alliance. What does this mean for the global economy, and what are our thoughts on this development?

馃敼 Book Recommendation: What鈥檚 hot in 2023? We鈥檒l share our top book pick of the year and why it鈥檚 a must-read for any serious investor.

馃敼 AI's New Era: Microsoft鈥檚 sudden dominance in AI is shaking up Silicon Valley. We delve into the two big lessons from this development and how investors can apply these insights.

馃敼 Trading Success: What made us successful traders? We share the most influential factors that shaped our journey and how we developed our trading strategies.

馃敼 Risk Management: Lastly, we explore how to approach risk management in trading and discuss strategies to mitigate potential losses.

馃敼 Trading Toolbox: We wrap up with some key indicators and patterns that are invaluable in our trading strategies.

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00:00 - Intro: Live From Europe
02:17 - Economic Indicators
03:29 - Commodity Trading: CPI, Interest Rates
07:08 - Elon Musk: Deflation Is Coming Soon
12:07 - Underrated & Overrated Stocks: SoFi and Palantir
16:29 - BRICS: 20 Countries Want to Join The Alliance
22:36 - Break it Down from a Continental Standpoint of Allies
25:12 - Top Book for 2023
28:58 - "Planning For The Black Swan Events"
30:52 - Investment Advice: Cruise Ships or Airlines
33:09 - Interesting Part with the Cruise Lines: Royal Caribbean
36:47 - How Microsoft's AI dominance is changing Silicon Valley
43:30 - What Made ChatGPT So Big?
48:19 - Does ChatGPT Make Microsoft Bigger Than Apple?
50:58 - Trade Talk: Quantitative Analysis
56:29 - Most Influential Factor that Led you to Become a Successful Trader
01:01:00 - Risk Management in Trading
01:03:53 - Outro

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Stephen A鈥檚 Top 5 Sports Movies | Stephen A鈥檚 World
TAP-N Media 5,582 Views