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Tyler, The Creator - EARFQUAKE / NEW MAGIC WAND (Live at the 2020 GRAMMYs)
04 Feb 2024
Tyler, The Creator - EARFQUAKE / NEW MAGIC WAND (Live at the 2020 GRAMMYs)
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Clones, Decoding Thought Manipulation, Magic Shrooms, & Princess Wars w/ 19Keys & KT the Arc


Master how to unplug from the matrix, escape the rabbit hole, activate your inner light, detox your life, & find your purpose during the dark night of the soul. 19 Keys ft KT the Arch Degree

19 Keys presents High Level Conversations to bring you into the high frequency of speech and communication to elevate your mindset and value.

S4E2 Ft. KT the Arch Degree
Featured Guest Bio:
Kamani Tait, known as KT The Arch Degree, advocates for holistic health and transformative energy. Mentored by renowned herbalist Dr. Sebi and poet George Edward Tait, KT developed an early passion for natural healing and African arts. His talent for decoding symbolic messages in film blossomed after frequent trips to the movies with his grandmother. Upon graduating high school, KT collaborated with singer Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, exploring holistic approaches. Despite personal loss, he found purpose helping others transition off medication through natural methods. As CEO of So Ionic Botanicals and a sought-after speaker, KT guides many lives back to health and self-empowerment. KT is a powerful beacon of holistic healing today.

This Episode:
This episode goes high level into the conversation of our understanding of how to develop true greatness within yourself, break the cycle of negative stereotypes, escape the time loop & elevate humanity.

Featured Guest Contact:
Website: KT the Arch Degree Presents So Ionic Botanicals
Use promo code “CLONE” for an exclusive 19% off discount!!

Instagram: @KTtheArchDegree

19 KEYS:
He is a believer in the unlimited human potential, and he aims to help more and more people realize their full potential. His mantra is “slaveship to ownership.” Growing up in Oakland, California as a Muslim of African-American origins, he had to face a lot of difficulties. Many people around him lost their lives due to poverty which motivated him to work harder and secure a better future.
19 Keys is a global thought leader and one of the pioneers in the space of Web 3, business, mindset, holistic wealth, tech , metaphysics and financial literacy; having millions of followers across the globe. 19 Keys is known for his relentless efforts in matters of wealth creation, especially for the youth. One of his initiatives has funded over 5 million student investment accounts.
19 Keys is also the co-founder of initiatives such as The Block World Order (BWO), Goldewater, and Crownz Society. When people think of 19 Keys, they think of a self-taught 21st-century polymath who believes work is the cure to all of our problems.

Follow his links below to learn more:
Crownz 19 Link
GoldeWater Link
Book link
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00:00 Intro
02:52 Who Cloned the Culture?
05:33 The Matrix Programming
08:00 Finding Truth in the Noise
10:00 Questioning Reality
12:22 Architecting Your Thought Process
14:33 Archetypes in Media
21:11 Holograms, Clones and Variants
24:00 Heroes of the Hood: Unmasking the Black Panthers
32:00 New World Order Agendas
36:00 Navigating the Dark Night: Follow the White Rabbit
36:55 Beyond the 5 Senses
39:11 The Shadow Government
46:22 Clone Wars
48:44 Rooting Yourself in Principles
49:33 Protecting the Divine Feminine
50:33 The Black Sun Within
51:55 Unlocking Melanin Secrets
57:55 Dopamine Addiction
01:00:55 Return of the Divine Feminine
01:02:44 Decoding the X-Men
01:03:55 Dismantling White Supremacy
01:06:00 Social Control Tactics
01:07:55 From Gods to Demons
01:11:33 Divine Human Blueprint
01:17:00 Activating Your Inner Light
01:19:19 Detoxing Your Life
01:21:11 Feed Your Mind, Free Your Soul
01:22:33 Antidote to Genetic Mutations
01:26:00 Hacking Your Health
01:29:44 Circadian Rhythms and Health
01:32:22 The Dark Night of the Soul
01:34:11 Weaponized Foods
01:36:11 Alkaline Diet for Energy
01:38:11 Masculine and Feminine Forces
01:42:44 Queens vs Princesses
01:44:44 The Attention Trap
01:49:00 Developing True Greatness
01:53:00 The Mycelium Network
01:54:44 Purges and Growth
01:59:00 Mind Control in Media
02:03:33 Colorism and Black Genius
02:07:00 Social Engineering
02:14:44 Metamorphosis Within
02:17:11 Ancestral Diets
02:21:00 Liver Cleansing
02:27:00 Energizing Your Battery
02:31:00 Pineal Portal
02:33:22 Finding Your Way
02:37:00 The pH of Life
02:39:11 Forces of Creation

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Tyler, The Creator - EARFQUAKE / NEW MAGIC WAND (Live at the 2020 GRAMMYs)
04 Feb 2024
Tyler, The Creator - EARFQUAKE / NEW MAGIC WAND (Live at the 2020 GRAMMYs)
TAP-N Media · 1 Views